Roger Hermiston

CHURCHILL - Myth and Reality in WW2. The Waterfront Building, University of Suffolk.

Thu 23rd November 2017

The interest in Winston Churchill never diminishes. Earlier this year the eponymous film portrayed the war leader's hopes and fears on the eve of D-Day; in a few weeks time, the movie 'Darkest Hour' will see Gary Oldman playing a beleaguered premier in the grim days of May 1940. But does the legend of Churchill - brilliant orator who won the war almost singlehandedly - stand up to scrutiny? Roger Hermiston, author of 'All Behind You, Winston - Churchill's Great Coalition 1940-45' argues that Churchill's titantic reputation obscures a vital truth - that neither he nor the country would have prevailed if it hadn't have been for his remarkable 'ministry of all the talents'. History has overlooked the contribution of outstanding individuals like the Labour trio of Clement Attlee, Ernest Bevin and Herbert Morrison, mercurial newspaper baron Lord Beaverbrook, charismatic information minister Brendan Bracken, and the housewives favourite, food minister Lord Woolton. This is their story.